Laleh computer company


Possibilities and production of card section:
•Laleh computer co. using innovative technologies and especial services, producing of developed production, set upped and installed product line of cards, (intelligent & magnetic) al 2001.
This company using 4 colored offset printing machine for PVC (thickness 100 to 800 micron) can deliver producing machines for intelligent card as soon as possible.
Delivering (EFT-POS.), reader card:
Is the representative of Thales –E – Transaction France company for reader Terminals (EFT-POS.).
Also, respecting to customer needs can deliver reader cards PC-based.
. Simple card (Tel, internet search, visit card, ID PVC …)
. Magnetic card (Bank card, personal card)
. Memory cad (common Tel card, Barcometer ID card)
. Hybrid intelligent card (Bank card, Sim card, multimedia cards)

This company have experienced to delivering intelligent and magnetic cards to more than 10 governmental Bank and private Bank, credit organization, Tel cards, Sim cards, to telecommunication of Iran, Tehran and the other provinces, deliver internet card to more that 1000 ISP, Barcometer card to Terrific organization, …

Possibilities and production of CD section
• According to development of IT industry in our country, this company activated as first manufacturer compact disc, and CD in 1996. Product capability (Video, Audio, multimedia), compact disc by high resolution accordance with global standards, with packaging and printing more than 10.000.000 compact disc yearly can achieved high activity in our country.

• Regarding to quick development in technological fields based on experiences in field of compact disc producing, set up DVD product line, mastering and producing CDs by Various shaping, volume.
•  The other services of CD section, can demonstrate to printing services by using silk printing machinery , experienced experts, education based on new technological charges in printing industry and consulting to customers for optimizing quality of printing Continue ..

 Possibilities & productions of Network section. :
•  Consulting services of network for designing, installment, set up, optimization of computer networks, set up active  equipment of computer network includes plant productions, Cisco, Extreme, Foundry, 3 com, and passive parts including production of Nexans, Brandrex, Nordem, R & M factories.
Optimization services for computer networks for high speed.
Training classroom for computer networks
Supporting services for computer networks.


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