Informatics Services Corporation


Tehran, Mirdamad Blvd., No. 140, Negin Bldg.
Postal Code: 15496-34511
Tel: 29981
Fax: 22221022
P.O.Box: 15875/4953

Building No. 2:
No. 36, Sadaf Bldg., Lida Street, Vanak Square, Vali-Asr St., Tehran
Postal Code: 19697-53663
Tel: 88661800
Fax: 88661649

Areas of activities and experiences:
Technical knowledge and experiences for more than 13 years on telecommunication and information technology, Mainframe and VSAT telecommunication network
Nominal capital Rails 250,000,000,000

ISC is established by a team of highly qualified engineering and project management specialists dedicated to offering independent professional services in automation, computer system application and turnkey supply of systems to mainly Banks and Financial Institutions. This team first commenced its operation in early 1994 in ISC, supporting different banks on various technical and business projects. From the beginning, ISC has applied a stringent code of professional ethics that dictates the constant adherence to the same high level of quality and integrity in the execution of all projects regardless of the size and importance of the project. Observance of established schedules and budgets and special attention given to the human aspects of engineering are direct corollaries stemming from this code of ethics as well as from the competence of ISC experts.
Members of ISC, being completely aware of the fast and phenomenal evolution of computer science keep themselves abreast of the newest developments and techniques. They use their know-how to make decisions and judgments which are technically sound thereby ensuring the applicability of recent innovation to the real needs of their clients.

     ISC is officially established in December 1993 as a private joint stock company. Its status is changed to public joint stock company since 29 October 2002, based on the decision of General Assembly held at that date. The subject of its activities was defined as     providing IT and telecommunication solutions, business and technical consultancy for IT and telecommunication deployments in different institutions, production of hardware needed for IT and Communication solutions, technical services in IT projects and participating in other IT companies in their technical, financial,production and trade activities

According to the ranking of the informatics companies given by High Council of Informatics, ISC has achieved the first rank in each area of activities as follows:

The First Grade in Produce and maintenance of software as required by its customers in banking fields     
The First Grade in presentation and maintenance of softwares     
The First Grade in presentation and maintenance of mainframes     
The First Grade in manufacturing and supplying supplementary equipment     
The First Grade in data networking     

ISC has also successfully managed to achieve the certificate of ISO 9001 in designing, engineering and supplying computers as well as telecommunication Networks since 1999 and it has received the certificate of Iso 9001/2000.

Through consistent combination of its technical and administrative capabilities and by applying the “Total Quality Management”, ISC is in an excellent position to provide high quality services in:

 Financial/non-financial Institutions Automation

    Acquisition, Customization and Implementation of Software Systems
    Software System Design and Implementation
    Project Management
    Help Desk and Second Level User Support
    Technical Advisory Services
    Business Reengineering and Business Support
    User and Technical Training
    Outsourcing Services
    Operational Support and Services
    Mainframe Hardware Provision and Services
    Central Computer Site Design and set up

 VSAT Satellite Network

    Customer analysis network design
    System Integration
    Network Installation
    Network Management
    Maintenance Assistance
    Network Control Center Supervision

 IT Operational Services

    Central computer site design and set up
    Disaster recovery consultancy and backup site design and set up
    Outsourcing services
    Mainframe services and support
    Operation consultancy
    Operation management and support
    Help desk set up and management
    System transaction monitoring and analysis (M/F, PC network, WAN and …)
    Project management and monitoring

 Manufacturing and Assembling Equipment

    VSAT Antenna and Feedhorn
    Point of Sale Terminal (POS)
    Automated Teller Machine (ATM)
    Automatic Dial Backup Switch (ADBS)
    Computers (PC, Midrange and Mainframe) and Peripherals

ISC has established a solid business relationship with local and overseas companies. Its overseas partners in Software packages and solutions and Hardware are:
    Wincore Nixdorf
    China System

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