Infotech International

 Infotech International has a permanent staff of 250 knowledgeable experts in  software consulting and engineering. All are active in banking and payment systems.

 Our technical and business experts have been trained by our European and Asian partners and thus implement, support and manage projects.

Infotech International covers the following areas of expertise:

        Implementation and support of CoreBanking Systems
        Implementation and support of Switch and Card Management Systems
        Design, implementation and support of Point Of Sales software
        Hardware and technical support for Point Of Sales terminals
        Implementation and support of POS Terminal Management Systems
        Provision and implementation of Network Communication Controllers for POS systems
        Implementation and support of e-banking application platforms
        Personalization and production of magnetic and smart cards
        Design and support of smart cardsystems
        Implementation and support of e-vouchers
        Implementation and support of mobile payment/bankingsystems
        Design, implementation and support of e-government applications

   Infotech International provides its customers and partners with knowledge and technology transfer thus keeping their IT specialized staff up to date with the latest technologies and business processes.

    We have set successful project customer satisfaction, trust and knowledge transfer to Iranian banks as major goals.

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