The 3rd Annual Conference on Electronic Banking and Payment Systems


Traditionally, bankers have focused on centralized banking as well as electronic systems and gateways such as cash dispensers, internet banking, mobile banking, and the like, to offer faster and more accurate services to their customers. In other words, technology served as an instrument for traditional banking.

However, a glance at the amount of penetration of technology in in various industries reveals the fact that it serves a much more efficient role than a simple instrument. With some basic modifications in business and profitability models, technology will serve as the locomotive for new businesses and industries.

Banking industry is no exception. The third international conference on Electronic banking and Payment Systems intends to make predictions about the future of this trend and prepare the banking system and its senior management for such modifications. “Innovation in Models and Boosting Banking Business” has been introduces as the theme of the conference.



The main objectives of third international conference on Electronic banking and Payment Systems include:


  • Introduction of new achievements in Iran’s banking industry
  • Review of the penetration trend of technology in banking industry
  • Introduction of the new role of information technology in banking business
  • Introduction of the infrastructures and modern e-payment tools
  • Promotion of specialised knowledge of banking authorities in the field of payment systems
  • Familiarity with socio-cultural and economic aspects of e-banking

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