Google’s Android Pay: How is it different from Apple Pay?

The today’s world is the world of plastic money. People around the globe uses their debit and credit cards for their payments option. Nobody takes cash anymore because there is always a risk associated with it. Android pay is so awesome that all the Debit and Credit cards from MasterCard, Visa and American Express and other loyalty and store cards can be easily added to the Android Pay and can be used with the help of Smartphone without taking them out of your wallet.

Users who are already using the service of Google Wallet app can now easily use the Android Pay device by just updating via an update. For all the new users, this app will be available from the Play Store very soon.

The retailers that are ready to accept the payments made via Android Pay includes Staples, Macy’s, Subway, Best Buy and Whole Foods with many of list of retailers ready to joining soon in the coming future just like the Apple Pay when it was launched in this year earlier in first quarter, nine major US Banks which includes the Bank of America, Citi, Chase and Capital One are all set from its launch.


Is Android Pay service coming to the UK?
Well as far as United Kingdom is concerned, Android Pay has no plans to launch the service and it is focusing on the United States only just like what Apple did. Google has not unveiled its plans to when it will launch this service outside the US, as the Samsung Pay is already available in the South Korea and is planning to expand to the United Sates on coming 28 September and then the United Kingdom after wards.

A very distinctive feature of the Android Pay is that it has the ability to take up the loyalty points that users mostly get after the shopping and then use these points to make a free purchase. The first partner to support this feature is Coca Cola which will allows the users to store the points and then they can purchase a can form a vending machine by simply tapping their smartphone against it.

Just like Apple Pay which works on the most recent smartphones featuring touch ID fingerprint scanner, Android Pay in the same fashion is very much secured in the manner you lock your smartphone including the options of PIN, password or scanning your face which can be taken from front facing camera.

Another great point of the Android Pay is the smartphone range that is on the Android OS. Apple has put restriction to use its service to the recent smartphones like the iPhone 6 and 6s models also including the Plus models and Apple Watch. Google has gone one step further and its service can work with all the Android smartphones with the NFC and those running the KitKat or the newer version of the Android OS. Now this the area where Google will surely beats the Apple as there are Millions of users using the old Android smartphones which can also use this service.

The other great feature of the Android Pay is that it can help users to buy thing online much more easily than ever before. Users have now no need to fill the card details and billing address for every payments they made. Reports are that over more than 1000 apps are already planning to integrate Android Pay into their e commerce platforms which will makes things very easy.

Apple on the other hand is expanding its service in the Unite=d Kingdom, with the Halifax and Lloyds Bank, and with this the customers of these Banks can easily use the service of Apple Pay and users can make payments up to £30.

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