Selling voucher has never been such easy!

 Ever planned to be your own boss?

You can work for yourself; you can do it even when you are sleeping or traveling round the world. Everyone are using your service, you can see it when you are walking in the street.

VoucherShop platform is a web application that let you start your own e-commerce business. The Platform made by ParsYar Technology Ltd, is one of the most successful business models in Iran market in last 5 years.

VoucherShop Platform is free and will be free forever, what you need to do, is just tracking your commissions in the administration panel.

How many users! Wow! Millions…

Yes we are talking about millions of voracious users all around the world. Statistics shows there are at least one or two mobile network operators in every country. It means each person in developing countries or developed countries has at least 1 or 2 Sim card subscription. More than 50 % of these users are using prepaid plans. These are your potential customers.

Many channels to promote your business

VoucherShop platform works with all available sales gateways, we support selling on domains, subdomains, copy/past code, USSD codes and POS terminals. Normally it means we support all available sales channels.

What should I do?

It’s the easiest part; you just need to make contracts with local or international mobile network operators or any other product or service owner with same nature. Get connected to their servers and start promoting and marketing your website.

Marketing plan

Many business owners must pay for marketing plans. In our model, we let our agents do marketing for us; they do it, because we share our profit with them so… still you don’t need to pay a dollar.

You are now a small business owner

Even best business plans, needs best support. Don’t forget, starting a business is 50% of the way you have to be successful, 50% rest is your support quality you provide to your customers. Are you disappointed? When you are working with ParsYar Technology Ltd you will never be disappointed, we have complete support package for you, VoucherShop portal is armed with a good ticketing system support model.

 Vouchershop platform

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