Iran Mobile Congress

Iran has a population of around 75 million and 35% of Iran population is youth. Iran’s telecoms market is one of the largest in the Middle East. Also, Iran’s mobile market by far is the largest segment of the country’s telecoms industry with more than 56 million subscribers. It has been reported that mobile phone penetration rate in Iran is 130% as of February 2012. Iranians send more than 100 million SMS daily and speak more than 3 billion minutes per day. These statistics show importance and attraction of mobile market in Iran.

With great success with the 1st and 2nd Annual Iran Mobile VAS Conferences, this year Sharif University of Technology is holding the Iran Mobile Congress (IMC) due to its mission in making audiences aware of modern technologies and their impacts in human life. We hope that the event would gather ICT specialists together and provide professional place to convey knowledge and experiences.


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