We all have heard about the Apple Pay, and now Google has also launched its own payment system known as Android Pay. With the help of this services, users of Android with the help of their Android smartphones can pay for goods by just tapping their smartphones against the shopkeeper credit card reader. Now this is very cool as the users of Android are increasing day by day and with the launch of this amazing service, they all can now take benefit from this service.

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Mechanism will enable user to directly make payments on Smart TVS in three simple stepsUsers can also transfer the account details and cards registered on their Samsung mobile device to the Samsung Smart TV. (Supplied)Samsung has announced that it plans to introduce a payment system which users can directly process through their Smart TV.

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گروه مهندسی طلوع مجموعه ای پیشرو در ارائه راه حل­های متنوع، پیشرفته و با کیفیت در حوزه فناوری اطلاعات و ارتباطات، سیستم­های مدیریتی و سیستم­های امنیتی در ایران است. این گروه متشکل از چهار شرکت مجزا است که هر یک مستقلا به فعالیت تخصصی در حوزه مربوطه می­پردازند؛ و با هم افزایی و ارتباط موثر، قادر به اجرای با کیفیت پروژه­ های بزرگ و کوچک مشتریان می­ باشند.

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