Information is the most important weapon in the battleground for digital wallets.

Dave McKay, CEO of RBC, in a recent interview on CNBC asserted that "Information is the other critical driver of [digital wallets]. To stay relevant to your customer, to understand your customer, you have to see how they are interfacing with merchants, interfacing on the Internet, and being digitally relevant is absolutely critical."

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Many VCs have poured money into bitcoin/blockchain startups realizing the potential of what could become the “IC engine” of FinTech, and rightly so. Some of these startups are at the cutting edge of problem-solving. Also, investment of time, energy and money from firms such as Goldman Sachs, Visa and NASDAQ has proved that bitcoin/blockchain hold a lot of real potential in FinTech.

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شرکت آرین ماهواره

شرکت آرین ماهواره در بهمن ماه سال 1383 توسط شركت پديسار انفورماتيك با موضوع فعالیت تخصصی در زمینه ارائه خدمات انتقال داده‌ها و مخابرات ماهواره‌ای و شبكه‌هاي كامپيوتري به ثبت رسیده و موفق به اخذ پروانه ارائه خدمات انتقال داده‌ها از طريق ارتباطات ماهواره‌اي (SAP) از سازمان تنظيم مقررات و ارتباطات راديوئي شده است.

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