Leading innovative travel companies bring together sharing economy and travel expense management.SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--AirPlus International and Airbnb are developing a new integrated solution for the booking, payment and billing of business-related travel. The expert in payment solutions in business travel management and the world's leading community-driven hospitality company will be introducing a fully automated solution during the coming year providing business travelers with a combination of best in class payment and travel management solutions with over 2.5 million accommodation choices across the world.

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MANY consumers could afford to pay more on their credit card bill each month but don’t because they’re fixated on the minimum payment amount shown on their statement, new research finds.

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شرکت توسعه سامانه های نرم افزاری نگین (توسن)، درسال 1378 باهدف ايجاد بستري مستقل و بومي جهت طراحي و توليد محصولات و راه حلهاي نوين فناوري اطلاعات درحوزه های بانکی وخدمات مالی ،تاسيس شد.

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