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The Middle East & North African banking sector is as diverse as the countries represented within the region with each country at a different stage in the development cycle. As such the needs of these institutions vary from basic core banking systems in the least developed nations to advanced transactional and risk management systems for the leading banks of the GCC.

What is common to all markets is the ever changing demands from consumers which has necessitated that banks deliver new channels for banking services in line with the demands of the farmer with no access to a bank account to the large multinational company that is managing hundreds of thousands transactions a day. However this increased digitization of the banking sector has presented challenges in data storage and security threats.

Banking Technology MENA , that will be held in Dubai from 8 - 10 June, will bring together the regions leading banking IT specialists to network discuss the latest trends in the banking industry and formulate strategies and alliances that will assist them in delivering banking services to their clients in a convenient and secure manner.

Benefits of Attending:

  • Hearing from the leaders of the banking IT industry about their challenges and the plans they have in place to overcome them
  • Gaining insight on the latest technologies being utilised to increase banking automation and improve efficiency
  • Understanding the latest cyber security risks and deriving solutions to secure information
  • Explore the latest mobile and e-banking technologies to understand how they can be implemented to increase customer experiences


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شرکت Pidion

شرکت Pidion در سال 1995  به عنوان یک شرکت نرم افزاری در کره جنوبی تاسیس شد.سال 1998 موفق شد به تولید کنندگان سخت افزار کامپیوتر های قابل حمل بپیوندد و بالاخره در سال 2002 اولین محصول خود که یک پایانه فروش قابل حمل به نام Pidion® BIP-1000 بود را به بازار عرضه کرد.این شرکت اکنون در زمینه تولید پایانه های فروش بانکی،Handheld،کارت خوان های غیر تماسی،تبلت های صنعتی و پرینترهای حرارتی فعالیت می کند.

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